First European Caucus at IFLA WLIC 2018 For the first time in history there will be an European Caucus at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress, organized by FOBID (Netherlands Library Forum) with IFLA, and in partnership with EBLIDA and PL2020. During this inspiring and historical meeting we will address the following questions:

  • What are common challenges and opportunities for libraries in Europe with regard to IFLA’s new Global Vision?
  • What can a better connected European library community do to make libraries in Europe stronger?

The session is chaired by Barbara Lison (IFLA Treasurer), with talks by

  • Glòria Pérez-Salmerón (IFLA President)
  • Gerald Leitner (IFLA Secretary General)
  • Antonia Arahova (IFLA Board Member)
  • Steen Andersen (EBLIDA Board)
  • Ilona Kish (Director Public Libraries 2020).

It is Session 050a on the 24th of August, 18:00-18:45 in Conference Hall 2. If you wish to attend, please inform before the 15th of August.


A few days left to have your say and get involved in the IFLA Global Vision!

Watch this video and see how easy it is to take part!

Step 1: Go to:
Step 2: Select your preferred language
Step 3: Vote!

You’ve got only 6 questions to answer. It will take just 5 minutes and then your voice will be heard!

Get on board! This is our country’s unique chance to contribute and influence the future of the library field.


New secretary FOBID

As of January 1, 2017 Adeline van den Berg has been appointed as secretary of FOBID for ten hours a week. FOBID itself as a platform for libraries in the Netherlands will review its role and position in the coming years. Adeline worked for Europeana and advisor Policy, Knowledge & Innovation at the SIOB. Since 2015 she has been working at KB Research Department as a consultant international cooperation. She continues to do this work in addition to her new role.

Marian Koren ends her 19 years of work for FOBID and takes early retirement. A fair well to the entire library sector will take place in early 2017, under the title 'Marian the librarian. Further announcement will follow.

Welcome to 9-10 May FOBID EBLIDA/NAPLE Conference in The Hague

EBLIDA/NAPLE conference WLC logo

European colleagues!
As the local host of the EBLIDA/NAPLE events 2016, FOBID Netherlands Library Forum welcomes you cordially. We appreciate your keen interest in libraries and the role they can play to empower people. This is true democracy: skilled and informed participation with open access to sources of information and knowledge, including culture and science. That is what empowers people, that is what will empower Europe. Can we as libraries open up new perspectives? Yes! And we are right at the heart of it: the initiatives under the Dutch presidency of the EU, the flavour of The Hague as residence of government and parliament, and the many international library activities in the Hague, form an excellent inspirational  setting for our meetings and conference. Welcome to The Hague - World Library Capital! For information and registration see the Eblida website

EU presidency and libraries
A number of meetings is associated with the NL presidency of the EU,


Elected for EBLIDA Executive Committee 2015-2018
Nominated by FOBID Netherlands Library Forum and VOB, Netherlands Public Library Association: Charles Noordam
Charles Noordam

Charles Noordam (1954) studied law at the University of Utrecht and was a professional archivist for more than 25 years. Between 2000 and 2006 he was director of The Hague City Archives. From 2006 until now he is the director of Hague Public Library. From April 2015 on he is also director of The Hague City Archives. Between 2003 and 2006 he was chairman of the Royal Dutch Association of Archivists and between 2010 and 2015 he was vice chairman of the Netherlands Public Library Association, VOB. He participated in various sections and working groups of both associations. He is a board member of FOBID Netherlands Library Forum and chairman of the Legal Committee of FOBID. About 40 publications bear his name, mainly articles in the field of history, archival management and information law.


Cycling for libraries in pictures
Cycling for Libraries was a promotion and advocacy event. One hundred international colleagues biked from Amsterdam to Brussels, accompanied by Dutch colleagues. They discussed hot issues, visited libraries and stepped down in The Hague, of course: World Library Capital. They joined a Round table discussion in the Parliament, organised by FOBID. In Brussels they offered a Declaration to MEP’s. Enjoy the reports in video, pictures and media, including the locations: Lukas Koster, Bibliotheek Bollenstreek en TU Delft.



First library on a railway station in Europe
On september 21st the first library on a railway station of Europe was officially opened. The station of Haarlem (in the Netherlands) had the scoop. The library is especially developed for travellers who visit the station regularly.

Train passengers can access the library at the station freely on working days between 7.00-9.00 am and 4.00-7.00 pm for lending books and magazines. They can also find cultural information on the city Haarlem and make use of the internet. This way they can make the waiting time more pleasant.

Libraries on a railway station are the new way to reach commuters. Most of the time commuters are not able to go to a library outside working hours, as libraries will be closed by that time. Through this new type of libraries a new target group can be reached.

The library on the station is a project of the Public Library of Haarlem and ProBiblio. In the future more railway stations in several countries in Europe are expected to be equipped with a library on the station.


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